Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The whore of Tirbethia

She walks across the barren lands of tirbethia .. the little whore of divine sin. Her emeralds conceal her breast. The breast from which whore-mongers drink ..

I travel far and wide in search of the lamb. I seek penance and forgiveness for what i've done. I walk from the hills of the blessed Shalom to the plains of Antochia..  Wait for your soul .. so far .. I thirst ., i yearn to meet the lord of the universe .. Good . evil .. These are just veils of the weak .. who choose not the best of the life ..

No .. not again .. i shall not think again .. i judge sin and derive my own ... no ... There is sin ... But .. no

As i fight my thoughts of delusion and sacramental solitude ... i feel the evil near .. the whore of tirbethia  ...

No ... i see her and admire her dark beauty .. the mother of all sins .. there she sits on the highest sand dune .. drinking from the sun .. and feeding the wild ... she tames the heat with her smell

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oh .. smokin up

Crimson dreams .. that burning cheddar 
 .. the smell of sad winter air and the fight for serenity .. 

Growing up in Delhi one does gets accustomed to the clubbing culture. In the beginning it was just the tobacco. The constant urge to surpass the other persons tobacco intake is a normal behavior among beginners. 

Ok .. so its cool if you do it too .. Three years down the lane you feel ,, damn .. quit the bitch. 
But that urge lurked around like a whore in disguise. And one day you just fuckin give in. 
I heard of the ganja like a decade ago .. ok .. just some form of high maybe. 

Was in Goa years later and bham ... i see the bhum bhole nath guys. You'll see hordes of white tunic clad bald heads trying to evoke the God .. out of their balls maybe. But damn, these guys are smart. They know how to conceal grass and how to approach people. Hmm .. i was like .. (Madrasi accent begin) nice opportunity quick gun .. Go for the kill (Madrasi accent end).

Although i once had weed or Ganja or grass or Marijuana or whatever this 100 bucks a packet thing is, but i never had a chance to unleash the 'baba' in me. 

Enter Joel .. My childhood buddy. He is a DU 'chatra' now. And smoking up began while asking for a light in the D School lawns. SO one fine day, I got some grass from a tea stall friend and i ask Joel to join in. But since he said no for some reason, I had to do it by myself --- 

bham bham bham ... Holy Shit .. I cannot feel my legs, Did i just say something, Am i even walking .. all creepy thoughts on my mind. And yes ..I'm no more a weed virgin now. 

I somehow manage my way to Joel's place. We eat .. laugh and worry about my state of high. And day one of the weed encounter is over ..

More to follow .. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

this is where i stand now

Man starting off with something and then making'em happen is do damn ... what should i say ,,difficult maybe.
They say when you put in your brains to work .. it somehow does work, eh.

Well seems I've become  just another cash strapped entrepreneur with tons of ideas but lack of support.. yeah both in monetary terms and in a way where one always lies under appreciated.
But i still ain't quitting baby..i'll screw this corrupt system apart. They say learning things the harder way always
pays off .. lets wait and see

Blahdiary - you were and always will be my dream.  

Thursday, October 28, 2010

One start ..

Ideas and thoughts .. i had loads of them in my college days. Man .. i so wish those days could come back.
Well talking about today, it seems an idea has finally taken shape. In college days i usually thought of connecting with people. I dreamt and i shared .. we guys were probably the most rocking lot back then. I remember conceptualizing a one day management event called T CUBE (T to the power 3), tomorrows tycoons today.
I had a team of enthusiastic yet very naive minds. We used to give presentations in classes and give blah blah about how important such event was. Beginning then i had this strange feeling in my mind that if a little effort was made .. we could probably take things to a more larger scale... hmm .. Anyhow, the event went like awesome. There was a social awareness kinda play in the interval time. It was the best part in the whole show.. It was about how i get addicted to drugs and finally how my character dies and all that jabber .. music, acting, timing was like .. wow. Audience were numb. And i thought again ... will this just be a college gig .. or do i have it me to take it to the next level.

And here i am .. a new beginning. I have called it the Blah Diary . Ankita, a dear friend of mine is working along to get things in place. We probably have no clue were to start .. but yeah ,, a vague idea what to present. We did it then .. we'll do it now.

Thought of a design kinda thing .. have a look

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

till now ..

I'm working an Event management company as of now. Also worked with a HR consultancy firm till last month, but night shift mixed with jinxed assholes in my office made it unbearable. So took up this one.
The entrepreneur bug bit me in the meanwhile .. lol. Man i was so fuckin addict to the internet .. doin some shit research all the time. Had a lot of plans and ambitions .. still have them. But now the zeal and motivation is lost.

Seems the present economic scenario doesn't really bother about ideas .. corrupt leaders and insane corporates rule. It is so damn difficult .. a business needing an investment of about hundred grands needs about fifty grands as bribe. Fuck this shit .. but i still ain't quitting.

Friday, July 9, 2010

right now who i am ..

Man its been long since i last wrote ..

Things took a strange change since then. I lost something i valued with my life, but with time i realised that assumptions are just bullshit. All that really matters at the end of the day is what person you really are and how succesful does the society see you.

I had like n number of emotions and feelings by the time college was over. I had a plan as to what to do ahead
but probably it was just an outcome of my emotions.